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Multi-Family Roofing Services

Roofwerks works with community managers, apartment managers, homeowner’s associations, and property management services to repair, replace, and maintain multi-family housing roofs. We work on apartments, town homes,and multiple single-family homes to ensure the highest quality multi-family roofing services in Raleigh.

Multi-Family Roof Repair

Exposure to the elements or just an old leaky roof, its common that these factors can cause a need for a roof repair. Multi-family complexes often have individual roofs that take on more elements than others. Roofwerks assess the complete roof to ensure all repairs are diagnosed the first time. See more…

Multi Family Roof Replacement

As with any building, there will always come a time when your roof will need to be replaced. We use top of the line products and provide excellent service to make sure you receive a roof replacement that is better than the one you had on. We do all this with your tenants in mind.  See more…

Multi-Family Roof Inspections

Maintenance and planning for the future are key for multi-family communities. Roof inspections determine the repairs needed and timeline for roof replacements. This gives communities the ability to weigh their options and determine a budget. Giving everyone peace of mind. See more…

Multi-Family Roof Skylights

Skylights and sun tunnels are an important addition that provides multiple benefits including energy efficiency, natural light, and fresh air. Our sister company, Solarwerks is the only 5-star Velux Contractor in the local Raleigh-Durham area, we can maintain and repair existing skylights, as well as, install new skylights per manufacturers specifications. (Link to Solarwerks to Solarwerks page)

Multi-Family Gutters and Gutter Guards:

Gutters are an integral part of the roof system. We offer gutter cleaning, gutter repair and replacement offering a variety of colors and style options. Having a variety of options ensures that we can maintain the community’s continuity throughout. (Link Gutter to Gutter page)

Gutters are an integral part of the roof system and help carry water away from your home. We install all types of gutters and roof drainage systems and have many colors and styles of gutters to provide the look and functionality you deserve. (Link Gutters to Gutter page)

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